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Nine Sunnah Points of Hijama

Hijama, the ancient practice of cupping therapy, has a special place in Islamic tradition. It’s not just a remedy for physical ailments but a Sunnah—a practice inspired by the teachings and actions of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Let’s explore the nine Sunnah points of Hijama in our body, a journey into the healing wisdom of this traditional therapy.

1. The Back of the Neck:

The first Sunnah point is the back of the neck. This area is known for its role in regulating blood flow and easing tension. Hijama on the back of the neck can relieve stress and promote relaxation.

2. Between the Shoulders:

The area between the shoulder blades is the second Sunnah point. Cupping here can help alleviate upper back pain and shoulder stiffness, a common issue in today’s sedentary lifestyle.

3. The Upper Back:

Moving down, the upper back is the third Sunnah point. It’s an excellent choice for those struggling with chronic back pain or muscle tension. Cupping here can provide much-needed relief.

4. The Lower Back:

Our fourth Sunnah point is the lower back. It’s a preferred area for Hijama if you’re dealing with lower back pain or sciatica. Cupping helps in reducing inflammation and improving circulation.

5. The Chest:

The fifth point is the chest area. Cupping on the chest can help with respiratory issues like congestion and asthma. It also promotes better lung function.

6. The Abdomen:

Moving to the abdominal area, our sixth Sunnah point is especially beneficial for digestive problems. It aids in improving digestion, relieving bloating, and promoting a healthy gut.

7. The Head:

The seventh point is the head, specifically the sides and the back. Hijama here can be soothing for headaches and migraines. It’s also known to improve overall mental clarity.

8. The Knees:

Our eighth Sunnah point is the knees. Cupping on the knees can help those dealing with joint pain, arthritis, or knee injuries. It enhances blood flow to the area, aiding in recovery.

9. The Ankles:

The ninth and final Sunnah point is the ankles. If you suffer from foot pain, swelling, or even conditions like plantar fasciitis, cupping on the ankles can provide relief and improved mobility.



These nine Sunnah points of Hijama encompass a holistic approach to healing. By targeting these specific areas, you can address various physical discomforts and promote overall well-being. Remember, Hijama is not just a therapeutic practice; it’s a Sunnah that offers us a path to better health, aligning our actions with the teachings of our Prophet (peace be upon him).

At Cupping Cures, we are committed to providing authentic Hijama therapy that respects tradition while embracing modern well-being. Visit our clinic to experience the benefits of this Sunnah practice. Your journey to better health begins with us.

Sunnah Dates

for Hijama
MonthsIslamic Months17th19th21st
 JAN 2023J Al-Awwal – J Al-Thani 144410th12th14th
 FEB 2023Jumada Al-Thani – Rajab 14448th10th12th
 MAR 2023Rajab – Shaban 144410th12th14th
 APR 2023Shaban – Ramadan 14448th10th12th
 MAY 2023Shawwal – Dhul Qadah 14448th10th12th
 JUN 2023Dhul Qadah – Dhul Hijjah 1444 6th 8th 10th
 JUL 2023Dhul Hijjah 1444 – Muharram 1445 6th 8th 10th
 AUG 2023Muharram – Safar 1445 4th 6th 8th
 SEP 2023Safar – Rabi Al-Awwal 1445 3rd 5th 7th
 OCT 2023Rabi Al-Awwal – Rabi Al-Thani 1445 2nd 4th  6th
 NOV 2023Rabi Al-ani – J Al-Awwal 1445 1st 3rd 5th
 DEC 2023J Al-Awwal – J Al-Thani 1445 30th Nov 2nd 4th